50 years before they got Married?

It appears that after a 50 year relationship, these two kids finally got hitched.  As in typical celebrity fashion, this was such a secret wedding that it happened in August 2011 in Rouen, France (NW of Paris).

Barbie first appeared on the scene on March 9, 1959, while Ken in 1961.  Their on again, off again relationship was always in the news, probably because Ken couldn’t hold a steady job.  In fact, during his 51 years, he has held over forty occupations!  Everything seemed okay between the two until February 2004, when Barbie finally said “Enough” and the couple split.  Rumor has it that the reason for the split was Ken wasn’t ready to settle down and get married.  After two years, he cleaned himself up, and their love was rekindled.

The big question though is why did it take 50 years?

All kidding aside, these two images are part of a collection from French wedding photographer Beatrice de Guigne who had the spirit and patience to create this magical moment for Barbie and Ken.  The entire series of wedding images can be seen on her blog HERE.


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