Merry Christmas from the Peek’s

Blessings and the Christmas Spirit:

It’s hard to believe that we wake up tomorrow and Christmas Day is already here. Where has 2011 gone? In atypical fashion, we just finished sending out our last cards, and decorating our home last night. We have been blessed by so many people this past year, but this Christmas season has had more moments of Christmas spirit than normal…two stories come to mind.

The other evening after 7:00pm, we heard a knock on the door, which seemed odd as we weren’t expecting anyone. I approached the door and expected to shoo off an uninvited solicitor of door-to-door goods and to my surprise, three young girls (6th and 7th grade) were standing there with bright smiles. I was quickly informed they were carolers and I got to pick out a song from their song sheet for them to sing. As I asked about the songs that were crossed off and also looked around for parents/adults, they giggled and said they didn’t know those songs yet. I chose Jingle Bell Rock thinking this was going to be a fun, yet out-of-tune moment and to my surprise, these three young voices were extremely well rehearsed and very harmonic. The joy in their voices was also seen by a slight bob-movement in their bodies moving to the beat. As my wife joined me for the last part of the song, we realized these three neighborhood girls were randomly wandering the streets, in the dark, by themselves, filling each home with joy. We visited for a few moments and wished them well and told them to be safe as they bound off to the next unsuspecting home.

Secondly, I received a phone call and a quick knock on the door from a client I had just seen earlier in the day. I was concerned there was something wrong with their order I had just dropped off. She told me that while shopping she was thinking of my wife and wanted to get her something because of the losses my wife has experienced in the past two years. Being more than surprised, I thanked her, brought the gift inside, and slightly teared up for this random act of kindness. Inside was a beautiful cross with the serenity prayer inscribed, and a bag of holiday treats in the form of Christmas bark [my wife informed me that the gift was ALL her’s which included the chocolate  🙂 ]

These two random and unexpected acts of kindness certainly brightened the start of our Christmas holiday and will not be forgotten for some time.  Thank you to all of those angels bearing God’s blessings and precious gifts.

As we head off to be with family, we want to wish all of our friends a Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season!

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