4/30/22 St. Gabriel Confirmation

St. Gabriel the Archangel

Confirmation Mass - 4/30/22**

Please enjoy the images captured within the galleries found below.  Share the memories with your family as all images are available for purchase in the following sizes:

Sacraments and family portraits are available in the following sizes:

     5x7     -      $15.00 each

   8x10     -      $30.00 each

     5x7Plus (print & jpg*)  -  $50.00 ea

   8x10Plus (print & jpg*)  -  $65.00 ea

*jpgs are a non-printable, low-resolution version for screen viewing, social media and sharing electronically.  Will include a small watermark logo in lower right hand corner.

** For this mass, we did not capture images depicting the mass service


*Additional sizes and products are available upon request

**8.25% Texas sales tax and shipping not included






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